Board – a simple word, with many uses

Board – a simple word, with many uses

November 12 2012 , Written by John Currin’s Blogs and News



Board – a simple word, with many uses

The word “BOARD” comes from the Old English word bord

It is one of those magical words that started with a simple meaning: a relatively long, wide but thin and flat piece of wood used in construction; especially for making floors


Over time this word has been used in many situations, it’s use has evolved to such a state that it has become  such a common day word in many ambits of life. Many of these situations, printed circuit board or board of directors for example, often seem to be far removed from the original meaning.


Here are a few words and expressions that come from the word board:


cupboard, surfboard, skateboard, diving board, notice board, blackboard, white board, board games,  chess board, scrabble board, cheese board, backboard , etc all are or use a board type material usually made of wood

chipboard, cardboard, fibreboard, corkboard,

board of directors, school board, exam board, board and lodging, boarding school

circuit board, switchboard, offboard, dashboard

on board, starboard

to board

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