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ESL Listening Video Exericse: Snowy Owl Lesson


ESL Listening Video Exericse: Snowy Owl Lesson

by ESLWRITER on MAY 29, 2012

Here is another listening exercise for my ESL English students. This video, called Owl Hunter, will be used in the final exam to check my students’ listening and vocabulary skills.

Owl Hunter

Listening Comprehension Questions

  1. Where does the snowy owl live? 
  2. What is the major source of food?
  3. Which owl hunts for food?
  4. How long can the owl live without food?
  5. When the weather is good, how long does the owl hunt?
  6. What makes hunting for food difficult?
  7. How much food do the babies eat each day?


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ESL Listening Lesson: White Roofs Exercise

ESL Listening Lesson: White Roofs Exercise

by ESLWRITER on MAY 29, 2012

This listening video exercise will be used as part of the final exam for my ESL English students. This video is a story about an environmental project in America.

White Roofs

Listening Comprehension Questions

  1. How did the project start? 
  2. What do they hope to do accomplis with this project?
  3. How will they do that?
  4. In what city is this story?
  5. What is their major goal?
  6. Why is it easy to get volunteers?
  7. What is the man’s dream for the future of this project?

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ESL Listening Exercises: Final Exam – click on the links at the end of the item

ESL Listening Exercises: Final Exam



The final exam for my ESL English students is coming soon. The exam will have two parts. The first part is 50 questions from our text book.

The second part will have some listening comprehension questions about a short video.

To help my students prepare for the final exam, I have posted study material along with some test questions. Students who want to prepare for the final exam can listen to and study the videos.

Each listening class will have one of these videos. The video for each class will be random. So, if my ESL English students want to prepare will for the test, they will need to study all four of the videos.

ESL Exam Study Materials

Here are links top the four videos.

Good luck. 
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ESL Listening Lesson: Homeless Video Exercise

ESL Listening Lesson: Homeless Video Exercise

by ESLWRITER on MAY 29, 2012

Here is another video for my ESL English students to help build listening skills and vocabulary comprehension. This ESL listening exercise will also be used as a quiz and for the final exam.

ESL Listening Test Video

United Way – Home for Good PSA from Michael Marantz on Vimeo.

Comprehension Questions

  1. What did the man do before working?
  2. How long did he work?
  3. What did he hurt?
  4. What happened after he was hurt?
  5. What happened after that?
  6. What does he have now?
  7. Why does he think he is lucky?

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Chinese, Australian Warships Life-saving Exercise

Chinese, Australian Warships Life-saving Exercise

Press Release
Thursday, May 24, 2012
File HMAS Ballarat in Yangtze Estuary: Photo credit RAN
HMAS Ballarat in Yangtze Estuary: Photo credit RAN

The Passage Exercise (PASSEX) was conducted between ‘HMAS Ballarat’ and the Chinese Navy frigate ‘Anqing’ at the mouth of the Yangtze River

The Royal Australian Navy has completed a maritime exercise with the Chinese Navy as part of a highly successful visit to the People’s Republic of China. Australia is committed to further developing strong and positive defence relations with China through dialogue and practical activities.

The exercise was part of Ballarat’s five day visit to Shanghai, where the ship helped mark 40 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Australia and the People’s Republic of China.

The PASSEX scenario was constructed around a radio call from a stricken merchant vessel located to the East of the Yangtze Estuary. Both vessels closed the last known position at best speed and prepared to render assistance. Upon arrival, a man overboard exercise was initiated by Anqing, with Ballarat launching her Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB) to conduct a search of the area. The RHIB then performed a recovery operation before returning a casualty to Anqing for further care.

As the exercise drew to an end, HMAS Ballarat’s Commanding Officer Jonathan Earley sent a signal to the Anqing
“Our exercise today contributed significantly in deepening our mutual respect and trust of each other’s capabilities at sea and has further strengthened our bilateral relationship in many ways,” Commander Earley said.
“We look forward to conducting more maritime engagement activities with the PLA(N) in the near future.” 

Ballarat is currently on a North East Asian Deployment with further bilateral exercises planned with the Republic of Korea, Japan and the United States prior to returning to Sydney in late June.




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HMS Ocean arrives in Sunderland for special visit

HMS Ocean arrives in Sunderland for special visit

The warship and its crew were granted the Freedom of the City in 2004

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The Royal Navy’s largest warship has arrived at the Port of Sunderland for a special four-day visit to the city.

HMS Ocean entered the mouth of the River Wear at about 06:00 BST. It is the seventh time the vessel has visited its adopted city.

The warship and its crew were granted the Freedom of the City in 2004.

On Saturday more than 200 officers and crew will mark the honour with a parade through to the city centre from Burdon Road.

Meticulous planning ensured the assault ship berthed alongside the port’s deepwater quay without a hitch.

HMS Ocean’s commanding officer, Captain Andrew Betton said: “There is a really strong and warm link between the city of Sunderland and HMS Ocean, dating back to 1995 when the ship was under construction.”

A member of the crew said the freedom of the city was a “big thing” for them, as they can be respected by the people of Sunderland when they visit.

The parade will begin at 15:00 BST on Saturday after a service at the War Memorial.

The 208m (680ft) ship is open to the public on Sunday between 10:00 and 16:00 BST.

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